4-75 48th Ave Apt 2308 New York, NY 11109
4-75 48th Ave Apt 2308 New York, NY 11109

Dr. Bob McElrath

Dr. Bob McElrath

Theoretical physicist remaking money with cryptography
1-630-890-9709, bob_resume@mcelrath.org


I am an experienced crypto-currency developer and team leader with experience in Bitcoin and Ethereum. I organized an ICO in 2014 before it was cool and have consulted with many major financial institutions on the topic of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. I seek new opportunities in bringing cryptography to finance, and traditional finance to crypto-assets. Though Bitcoin is 8 years old, this field is in its infancy and I seek a leadership position where I can leverage my breadth of understanding of crypto-currencies, mathematical prowess and ability to understand academic literature to bring 40 years of cryptography research to finance, and train the next generation of software engineers to create innovative financial products.


Programming C/C++ Python, SciPy, NumPy Javascript SQL Mathematica, Maple, Matlab
Mathematics cryptography numerical analysis polynomial systems time-series analysis kernel estimation
Physics quantum field theory model building statistical modeling data analysis experimental simulation
Sysadmin Linux Tru64 SunOS Solaris TCP/IP networking


Work Experience